Mobile Shelving
Monotrak & Multitrak

1. Monotrak Mobile Shelving:

The unique Monotrak mobile shelving system operates on a single guide track fitted directly to your existing floor, without the need for extensive and often costly site work.
Installation is a simple process that leaves existing floor coverings completely intact and with no residual mess, especially if you want to re-locate the system at any time.

All the loads imposed on the bases are transmitted directly to the floor through a series of specially designed polyurethane tyred wheels which run happily on carpets, PVC tiles, wood block floors etc.

The advantages:

  • Requires no false floor
  • Presents no trip hazard caused by surface mounted tracks
  • No additional floor covering (which is required when false floors are laid)
  • Can easily be re-sited within the building without the use of skilled engineers
  • ┬áNo disruption is caused during installation
  • Considerably reduces the point load on suspended floors

Due to the unique way the system spreads the load, Monotrak will operate on a raised access floor without requiring additional reinforcement.

Tested to British Standard BS EN 14073-2:2004 and is ISO 9001 Quality approved.


2. Multitrak Mobile Shelving:

The Multitrak system operates on multiple torque tubes and wheels to accommodate long bases and great loads.

Mobile carriages up to 12 metres long and loads of up to 15 tonnes per carriage can be moved with ease, and Multitrak’s powerful guidance and drive system ensures carriages remain perfectly aligned on tracks.

The Multitrak system can be either direct or chain drive and the tracks are laid to exacting tolerance with either an infill floor or prior to screeding. The infill floor will prevent trip hazards from exposed rails and the floor can be covered to match the surrounding decor.

Multitrak Mobile Shelving is manufactured in the UK by Rackline. It is tested to British Standard BS EN 14073-2:2004 and is ISO 9001 Quality approved.

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