Design & Quotation Service

G-Mack will be delighted to provide you with storage advise without obligation from the customer to buy and from our extensive experience consider alternative solutions, integrating some of the large range of our storage products available while offering the most cost effective and satisfactory solution.

One of our highly experienced Sales staff can call to your premises to discuss your requirements & take any site dimensions required for us to provide you with a detailed quotation.

A Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) will be prepared illustrating the proposed system in detail, for consideration and approval by the customer.

In the case of complex, large projects that may involve third parties such as architects, consultants and construction type organisations, G-Mack can work side by side with such parties to ensure that you get the correct advice & system to suit your needs & requirements.

G-Mack have four professional installation crews, who are trained in all aspects of our products.

We can offer a complete turnkey operation.

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