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G-Mack has been working closely with ALDI over the past number of months, developing a pallet racking strategy for many of their existing outlets and also their two main distributions centres. G-Mack has developed a pallet racking technical specification both for APR pallet racking and also drive in pallet racking and this has already been rolled out in 12 outlets. The specification also details all racking ancillaries applicable to ALDI, including rack mesh panel, floor mounted upright protectors, top beam protection and low level tubular crash barriers. The racking design has also been implemented in their two main distribution centres and new pallet racking is regularly being added to the existng configurations. ALDI have also purchased Euro shelving for the forklift repair area. This is heavy duty and flexible in design and is being utilized in a variety of storage applications. Plus regular pallet racking audits are being carried out in all of their depots.

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